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About Sichuan University of Science and Engineering

About SUSE

Sichuan University of Science and Engineering (SUSE) is located in Zigong City of Sichuan Province. Zigong is a historic and cultural city of China, which is well known home and abroad as “Dinosaur Habitat”, “Salt City of More than Two Thousand Years”, and “Lantern City of Southern China”. SUSE is one of the key universities supported by “Foundation Ability Construction Project for China’s Middle West Universities”, and  the “Model Scientific Research Institution of Provincial High and New Technology Industry” affirmed by People’s Government of Sichuan Province.

The university possesses 3 campuses that are respectively called Huidong, Yingpan and Huangling, covering an area of more than 2000 mu (133 hectares). The state property of SUSE reaches the total amount of 1.08 billion RMB, in which the total value of the equipment applied to teaching and scientific research amounts to nearly 0.24 billion RMB. The university is well-equipped with modern facilities. The beautiful campuses are ideal place for realizing the ambition of the students and teachers.

Currently, SUSE has about. Now, there are about. SUSE consists of 19 schools. It has 4 primary disciplines which offer master degrees, 30 grade-2 disciplines which offer master degrees, 2 professional master’s programs (5 subjects for master of engineering) and 81 undergraduate programs. SUSE has a comprehensive range of disciplines covering 9 categories, namely, engineering, science, management, economy, law, literature, art, education and history.

About Zigong

Zigong is located in the south of Sichuan Province of People’s Republic of China. The latitude of Zigong is 29.23 degrees north and the longitude is 104.46 degrees east. It covers an area of 4,372.6 km2. The highest point of Zigong is 901meters above sea level and the lowest point is 240meters above sea level.

It is one of the 23 earliest designated cities of China. At present, Zigong is composed of four districts (Ziliujing, Gongjing, Da’an and Yantan) and two counties (Rong county and Fushun county). The population of Zigong is about 3,271,000. Zigong was one of the first national geological parks. In February of 2008, Zigong was approved by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization to establish world geological park. The world geological park of Zigong is composed of three parts, including Dinosaur Park, Salt Park and Spinulose Tree Fern Park. The world geological park of Zigong is a comprehensive park with multiple functions including being used for scientific research, science popularization, tourism and vacation.

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